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    Ill and vulnerable people suffering from a weak immune system should avoid saunas. In case of body discomfort and discomfort, a doctor should be called in any case.

    Tips for the perfect Saunagang - At a glance

    For normal or greasy skin, skin peeling is possible and helpful Dry skin must be kept moist with creams and lotions

    In the event of a cold, fatigue and insufficient intake of food, there is a risk of collapse in the worst case A maximum of three to four cabins, each lasting a maximum of fifteen minutes

    First course to get used to a maximum of ten minutes Just as long breaks to cool down between the aisles

    Carefully cool the outer extremities with water first, at the end the heart region Bathrobe, towel and bath shoes

    Consult a physician if necessary

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    To prepare!

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    The primer for the makeup to be applied later should be antibacterial in any case. This makes the inflammation clean and bacterial. Pathogens die off. Care should also be taken to ensure that the primer is non-greasy and has the appropriate skin tone. The products used should be adapted to the personal skin types. cure for seborrheic dermatitis on scalp Dry skin needs particularly gentle products! Once all preparations have been made, the pimple can be hidden! The make-up used for this purpose should prevent the spread of the bacterial pathogens. It does not even need a lot of make-up to cover pimples properly. More important is the technique and color selection!
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