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  • Comment: Seborrheic Dermatitis Many saunters also swear by the relaxing and pleasant effect on the psyche, which can be felt immediately after the sauna. Thus, everyday problems can be blown out and overcome, better sleep can be found and even pain relieved. The heat dissolves tensions and spasms in the muscles. Sustained, the person is less irritated and lives happier, which can make itself felt in a high-spirited mood.

    Positive effect of regular saunas - At a glance

    Pollutants are sweated from the body Skin is cleansed of impurities

    Direct improvement of the skin image

    Better moisturizing of the skin Improve the immune system and the natural acid protection coat of the skin

    Lower susceptibility to diseases and especially skin diseases of various types Better absorption of minerals and vitamins

    Positive effect on the psyche through relaxation and well-being

    Good effect on sleep, health and tensions in the body due to the short-term heat effect

    Tips for the perfect saunag

    Before the saunagang you should know its type of skin and to be able to assess something: in normal or rather greasy skin, you can thoroughly wash your skin with a light skin peeling without any thought before the walk into the saunakabine seborrheic dermatitis hair loss temporary. For dry skin, fat creams and lotions are recommended especially after the sauna treatment in order to restore moisture to the skin. If the skin has not yet been used to regular saunas, it should be kept moist afterwards.

    A good effect is also wet towels, which are placed in the sauna in particularly sensitive places. In addition, there are also particularly suitable and special preparations, which are resistant in the sauna bath. For this one can be well informed in drugstores or in the pharmacy. It is important not to go too much tired, overstrained or caught a cold in the sauna seborrheic keratosis removal hydrogen peroxide. Also, it is not recommended to visit the sauna, if you have previously eaten little or nothing. Then the heat in the cabin can lead to dizziness or even collapse. The body should be accustomed to the new environment by a shorter first gear of a maximum of ten minutes. The other cabins should not exceed 15 minutes, depending on the experience and health. If you drink or drink enough, three to four sessions in the sauna are recommended.
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